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The first thing you need to realize is that depression is a type of negative energy and this energy gets trapped inside of your body and overtime builds up in organs, like the liver, having a crippling effect on your mental and physical state. Depression is not motivating and makes it hard for you to do anything physically or mentally about it. One of the things I realized when I am depressed is some type of movement like weightlifting or creative expression like writing or performing music will help exhaust this energy away.

By staying in a depressed state of mind for an extended amount of time you create a downward spiral built on limiting beliefs that confine your thoughts and abilities to take productive steps in your life. So, apply these six things that helped me break this unhealthy state of mind. It boils down to realizing that depression is suppression of something creative or positive and that there is nothing to fear.


1  YOU must take action. This is your most important step and this may seem the hardest but actually is the easiest. Once you are set in motion the hardest part is the repetition; you must create a new habit and the best way to program a new habit is repetition. You just need to make up your mind, pick something simple and just do it. 


2  So on a physical aspect you can start by walking, running, swimming, hitting a punching bag, weightlifting; anything that will physically drain energy from the body. This type of physical expenditure will leave you feeling positive and exhaust you which will help you sleep more restfully. This output of energy and boost of endorphins also benefits your physical and mental health. 


3  On a mental aspect; paint, draw, sing, create some type of music. Dancing is also expressive and poetry or even writing down simple thoughts will help drain off negative energies and leave you with something you can be proud of expressively.


4  What comes along with depression? Negative or destructive thoughts that you can either accept or reject. What I like to do when these thoughts come through is reject them. If they’re not for my benefit, yes you can reject your own thoughts. Not all thoughts will serve you and to believe that they are all true will have a crippling effect.

Negative thought patterns can be overcome with this practice of rejecting them. So a simple mantra  “I reject that thought” repeated  over and over with practice will help you. Then you can use this method even when other people’s opinions or their negative Ideas are expressed to you, the same holds true.


5  Depression has a lot to do with input and output. What I mean by this is that what you put in your body will be the result of your output: the old saying ‘’good in,good out’’ applies here.  If you’re not consuming healthy foods of high quality  then that will have a direct effect on mental health and what you think of yourself.  I

t’s been proven that your microbiome and your gut flora can actually control how you think and respond to food. Staying away from foods with high amounts of sugar and adding more nutrient-rich vegetables, eliminate processed or canned foods and dairy. This is a good start to feeling better about yourself.


6 Stop comparing yourself with other people. This is the greatest thief of happiness. You are one of a kind, there is no one like you. We are all meant to do great things. Perhaps one of the reasons why you are depressed is because you are searching for that thing you were meant for and sometimes your life’s journey helps determine that for you. So I’ll use myself as an example.

I never thought I would be on YouTube helping people through my experience and journey of Health and Fitness but I feel there’s a need for this information because we all have a story to share with people. I feel that sharing my experience of tough times and battling health problems that I have overcome is the best way other people can learn. 


If you really want things to change, you have to BE the change. Do all these exercises for at least three months to make it a habit. This will seem easy at first but this will be a battle.  Remember, old habits die hard.

The fact that you’re looking for this advice means you do want change. To control the external we must first learn how to control the internal. To those who are battling this feeling of depression and hopelessness please apply these 6 things and take action. 

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