Dry fasting


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There are not many things that your body can go a long time without; like air. But one person set a new record in 2012 by holding his breath for 22 minutes and 22 seconds. The second thing would be water. So, how long can someone go without water?

Woman in pool plugging her nose

The Guinness Book of World Record says that On 1 April 1979, an 18-year-old was put into custody in a holding cell and completely forgotten about by the three policemen responsible for him. Each of them thought that the two others had already freed Mihavecz. Since his cell lay in the basement nobody could hear his screams. By April 19th (18 days later) an officer who had unrelated business in the basement opened his cell and he was finally freed. He lost 53 pounds of bodyweight.

Meerkat in desert to represent dry fasting
Now I’m not about to attempt 18 days of dry fasting but here is my experience with a soft dry fast. The difference between a hard and a soft dry fast is that a soft dry fast allows you to brush your teeth and take a shower while a hard dry fast doesn’t allow any contact with water at all. 



Dry fasting was much tougher than my previous 48 hour wet/water fast. In the first 24 hours I experienced extreme thirst and the next 24 hours weren’t getting any better. The act of not drinking anything was really tough. The difference between a water fast is that you are still able to consume water which does help with satiating your hunger. With a dry fast there is still a desire to consume something; anything. Some of that is mental and possibly even a survival instinct. 

Fasting is now part of my new regiment. I do a prolonged fast every quarter of the year for the health benefits associated with fasting. My first quarter experience with fasting was a 72 hour water fast and the last 24 hours of the water fast I decided last minute to dry fast. I will say that did not end well. Dry fasting is really hard if you’ve never attempted it before. My advice; start with water fasting and after a couple of experiences then and only then should you attempt dry fasting for the first time. 

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Why do I dry fast? The benefits are incredible.

3D rendering of human skeleton with anatomy, red and white blood cells
Dry fasting studies have shown that the body has to break down more of it’s internal fuel to process energy and convert fat into water which results in the increase of fat oxidation and potentially more autophagy.  Along with the decrease in body weight; this strengthens the body through hormesis. Cancer and bacteria are living off your body energy to exist; water fasting has been shown to suppress and fight tumors because of autophagy. Dry fasting also takes the water out of the equation which can speed of their demise. 

One of the things that I experienced prior to my dry fast is that I increased my water intake and by doing so I realized that I had more muscle pains and joint aches. My conclusion is that the extra water may have lowered my sodium levels contributing to my inflammation. During my dry fasting I experienced no aches and pains which helped me realize that I need to increase my sodium intake or decrease my water intake and find a balance.

Glass being filled with water to represent wet fasting
It’s a good thing to take note of everything that takes place in your body when you are fasting or changing any regiment in your food or water intake. This will help determine if you react negatively to any foods you’re consuming or any new change you may have made in your diet. When I started eliminating certain foods out of my diet I realized which foods didn’t serve my body well. Once I just eliminated them completely I saw a decrease in inflammation and irritation to my gut and body. This is another way fasting helps you determine which foods Irritate your body. By introducing foods back into your diet your reaction to these foods should become clear. Always start with a small, easy to digest meals. Then eat normal meals from there. Check out my other blogs on fasting for more tips and tricks here.
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