Frequencies is your body in harmony or discord?


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The human body and all its organs have their own frequencies, so when you hear that you’re ‘healthy’ it means that your body and all its organs are in harmony with one another. Disharmony would be associated with an unhealthy state of being in conjunction with sickness and or stress.

Yes, all objects; including human bodies emit electromagnetic radiation (i.e. frequencies). The heart is 100000 times stronger electrically and up to five thousand times stronger magnetically than the brain. Even brainwaves have their own frequencies.

Beta waves are when you’re alert or engaged in working or busy thinking. They run between 14 to 30 Hertz.

Alpha waves are activated in a relaxed state, imagination/daydreaming or visceral self introspection. Between 9 and 13 Hertz.

Theta waves run between awake and asleep or deep meditation and flow of ideas. Think creativity and altered states; between 4 and 8 Hertz.

Deta waves are the lazy jacks. They operate in your unconsciousness or a very deep sleep between 1 and 3 Hertz.

The emotional energy center of the body is greatly affected by our state of mind. Yes even emotions have a frequency and affect certain parts of our body to create harmony or disharmony within those particular organs.

1 Intestine: frustration, despair, holding on, concentration, mental power, forcefulness
2 Heart and lung:  conflict, delusion vs reality, depression, loneliness, willpower, stubbornness
3 Lymph and bladder: self-assertion or lack of, sadness, indecisiveness
4 Kidney: hostility, lack of compassion, worry, fear
5 Gallbladder: resentment, rage, emotional blocks, decision making
6 Liver: arrogance, lack of compassion, anger, hate
7 Thyroid: affection, confidence, articulation, shyness
8 Circulation: truthfulness, thoughtfulness, doubt
9 Stomach: memory, suspicions, lack of courage, concentration
10 Spleen: forgiveness, positive emotion

One should strive for all three states of well being; mental, physical and emotional. One can not be just physically healthy and emotionally unstable; this will lead to other physical, and or mental problems and therefor disharmony. “Balance is the key to everything. We do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow”. Koi Fresco

By testing the response of the human body on a vibrating platform, many researchers found the human bodies fundamental resonating frequency to be approximately 10 Hz. Earth’s frequencies known as the ‘Schumann Resonance’ has been steady at 7.83Hz. That is until several years ago when it began to accelerate and is now 25Hz.

Thanks to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Inventor of the Rife Machine the first frequency generator, we now know every disease has a frequency of their own. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and even destroy it completely.

In 2013 at a TEDX talk Anthony Holland (Associate Professor and Director of Music Technology of the Skidmore College and  President of Novobiotronics Inc.) discovered the ability of Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) to destroy cancer cells in laboratory experiments. Anthony explains how a crystal glass when tapped emits a frequency and when said frequency is matched at its natural resonant pitch the glass will shatter. In theory then, destroying disease is possible in the same way; by matching its frequency until the cell’s of the disease shatters or becomes destroyed.

To take this theory even further; Dr. James Bear of Albuquerque New Mexico, Inventor of a resonant frequency therapy device which can induce resident vibrations in a living organism or cell thereby targeting specific microorganisms with specific frequencies so as to destroy specific diseased cells.

The law of vibration. The third of the seven universal laws tells us that “nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates”. The third and the last of the immutable universal laws tells us that the whole universe is but a “vibration”. Science has confirmed that everything in the universe, including you, is pure energy vibrating at a different frequency.

So ask yourself, what station are YOU tuned to in the Harmony of Health and Fitness?  

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