My Experience With Prolonged Fasting Wet Fasting vs Dry Fasting


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Last weekend I decided to add a new regiment to my healthy detox lifestyle. I decided that every quarter of the year I would do a 3 day prolonged fast and to make things tougher I decided my last day was going to be a dry fast which I have never done before. Now, this would not be the first time I had water fasted; my first attempt lasting a mere 32 hours (for some would seem like an eternity). I knew at this point it would be a much harder challenge but I felt up to it.


You’re probably asking why someone would not eat for such a long time; it’s because the health benefits of fasting are incredible. Have you ever heard of autophagy? Autophagy is your body  “self-eating” old cells that no longer work properly as a fuel source. It’s a type of detox process your body undergoes to clean out damaged cells and regenerate new ones. The benefits of autophagy include: reduced inflammation, improved bodily functions and increased longevity of life.
Autophagy is also achievable through intermittent fasting around the 16 hour mark when liver glycogen is depleted. The Autophagy can not only help you with loose skin and wrinkles, but it also has other benefits including anti-aging neuro-protection, cardiovascular support, and insulin sensitivity. It has also been known to increase growth hormone and testosterone whilst having a muscle sparing effect.


My first day with no food and only water with added liquid minerals. Just drinking water will deplete you of valuable minerals you will need to replace. I will admit was a little tough especially around dinnertime which seems to be the hardest for me but by the end of the day all hunger was gone. Off to bed and forget I had nothing to eat all day. Tomorrow will just be a repeat.


Second day of water fasting was much easier than the first. I had no hunger or cravings for food. It’s funny how that works. By noon I got a little tired and decided to slow down. By the way, I worked a full day which probably contributed to some of my being tired and stressed. I try to relax for the last half of the day and remind myself I have (only)  another 24 hours to go.


3rd day of my fast was the start of the first day of my DRY fast. This would be a challenge seeing how I’ve never done a dry fast before. At this point of my fast it was the longest so far going 48 hours only on water.  Now, I am trying to end the last day of my fast with 24-hours completely absent of water for a total of 72 hours with no food. What I noticed was that going without water was much harder then going without food. Oh I forgot to mention that a true dry fast means you don’t even touch water; no brushing of teeth or shower.  


Upon waking I was 12 hours in and already dehydrated; by noon I was really parched. I struggled until about 5 that afternoon and I had to break it and drink something quickly. Only leaving 3 hours of that day to totally complete a 24-hour dry fast. Knowing this was my first dry fast attempt I played it safe and listened to my body and had that water. Remember dry fasting is extremely dangerous and I caution anyone who is willing to attempt it to listen to your body or better yet; your doctor. A word of warning; one of the biggest negative effects of fasting is you can die.


When I did finally break my fast it was with water only at first by drinking several glasses within the next few hours. Next I eased into food by eating some coconut yogurt I had prepared specifically to break the fast. Yogurt is easy on the stomach, digestion and it boosts gut health with the added probiotics whereas fully cooked foods are harder to digest. You want to make sure you start with soft foods and no sugar or additives. About 3 hours after drinking and eating the yogurt I ate some lightly sauteed vegetables in butter. And shortly after that I finally had protein that I got from a tuna steak that I also pan-seared, but not fully cooked, a la sashimi style.


On to thinking about my next quarter and how I’m going to approach it. Possibly I may just dry fast one day because one day of dry fasting is the equivalent of 3 days of wet fasting. This being said I may just go another day depending on how I feel. I can’t determine this until I attempt my next fast but I will once again listen to my body and let it decide when it is necessary to drink water again.

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