Ten body weight exercises you can do anywhere; even while on vacation.


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1 Push-ups
Laying parallel to the floor using your Arms to push up from the floor fully extending both your arms keeping your torso locked then lowering back to the floor. Remember quality over quantity is best. Arms should be close to body, slow movements down and back up. Spine and pelvis should be in alignment (no sagging!) and buttocks should be squeezed to keep torso and core tight and locked.
2 Sit ups
Laying parallel to the floor in supine position (or face up) knees bent with feet on floor. With your core tight, pull your shoulders to your knees touching your knees with your elbows then pause and squeeze at the top. You can also variate and add depth by touching your hands to your feet.  Don’t rush! Slow and controlled is best.
3 Burpees
The burpee is two movements in one! A push-up into a jumping jack.This movement can be very exhausting but effective when it comes to burning calories. Starting at the standing position you bend touching your palms to the floor then kick back into pushup position; complete push up then jump your feet back to your palms and return to standing start position dynamically by jumping up and clapping at the top.
4 Air squats
Air squats are exactly what they sound like; squats using your bodyweight only, no added weight. This movement is simple yet very effective. Starting at the standing position squat by collapsing your hips first bending at the knees. Keep your shoulders and chest up while bending until your legs are parallel with the ground then coming back up to full extension at the top. It is important that your shoulders are back and your head is up straight so not to put tension on your lower back.
5 Lunges
Lunges are single leg squats. Stepping forward with one foot then bending at the knees with both legs squatting down keeping torso up and back so as not to bend forward. Your knee gently touches the floor then pushing back up with the front leg you return to start position. Then switch legs and repeat the movement. This also can be done by stepping backward with one leg and squatting down repeating the same movement as before. These are effective both stationary and walking for variation.
6 Pull ups
Pull-ups can be done at home quite easily by purchasing a pull-up bar that you attach to your doorway. These bars are easily disassembled and light enough where they can be taken with you on vacation. Pull up are some of the best movements to build strength in your upper body and core. Starting at the full lockout at the bottom; activate your core pulling yourself up chin over bar then back down to full extension with arms locked out.
7 Jump rope
Jumping rope takes some skill but as can be easily learned with practice. Jumping over the rope in a rhythmic motion is a cardio powerhouse and its fun!  This works lower-body, upper-body and burns a lot of calories in a short period of time! 10 mins a day is all it takes!
8 Mountain climbers       
 Starting at the top of a push-up send one leg forward bend at the knee sending knee to elbow then at the same time jumping and switching legs. This is done without moving your arms, keep them locked out. This is to be repeated over and over for high reps.
9 Plank
A plank looks easy but it’s very deceiving when done properly. A plank can be done on your hands or elbows. This exercise requires a timer and should be done for at least a minute at a time; 3 times! There are different variations of a plank; on your hand, elbows, side and even side windmill where you have one hand firmly planted and the other high in the air. Your core will thank you!
10 Jumping squats
Simple but quite effective squat jumps for heart busting, quad popping fun! Start at a standing position, squat to parallel then explode from the ground jumping up clapping hands above head; repeating motion; rest repeat again.
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