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Back in 2015, I was surprisingly diagnosed with a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Frightened that this point I recalled that one of my close family members dying of cirrhosis because of many years of drug abuse.
Then I was recalling how many beers I had the weekend prior, so immediately I said I don’t drink that much? How can I have a fatty liver? My doctor said no there is such a thing as a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which may affect people who drink little to no alcohol and is becoming an epidemic all over the world especially here in the United States and is it estimated that 80 to 100 million people are affected.
Which left unmanaged will cause scarring and sometimes irreversible damage of the liver like cirrhosis, cancer and also the possibility of death. Unknowingly you can operate normally with only 20% of your liver working properly after that point you are immediately faced with the possibility of death.
Get tested
The next time you see your doctor ask him if you may be a candidate for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. At this point, he probably suggests blood work which is one way of knowing whether you have this problem but, to know for sure your doctor may want you to have a sonogram or possibly an MRI to know for sure.
Not a fan of allopathic
So I’m not a fan of modern medicine and the thought of taking medications that only treat the symptoms and does nothing to cure the problem. I decided to do the research on my own and found that with proper diet, supplementation and exercise I can defeat this.

With maintaining a proper diet I went from 260 pounds of 214 lb a significant drop in weight along with supplementing herbs like:

  1. Milk thistle seed
  2. Turmeric root
  3. Licorice root
  4. Reishi mushroom

One of the problems with all these incredible supplements is that’s a lot of pills to swallow and can become very costly. With the combination of how my body responded to these herbs and how I felt I knew I had the right combination of supplements.

I knew I had to share my findings with other people that may have the same infliction or if you just want to live a much cleaner lifestyle so, I teamed up with dr. Howard and together we created a product that I now call Liver Regenex.
Liquid vs pills and capsules
we decided to make a liquid product that has a 98% absorption rate compared to an 18% from pills and capsules, so instead of literally flushing your product down the drain. So I am now trying to educate people on this threat to your health that many people know very little about or nothing at all. It’s our goal here at CELLGENEX to educate the public and help with everyday detox and support of your liver. This is not intended to treat or cure any diseases. All supplements are meant to be used as a tool to speed up or help recovery for your ailments.
Knowing is half the battle
It amazes to me how little is known about non-alcoholic fatty liver and liver disease in general. Here at cellgenix we make it our mission to educate the public about this serious disease and how it’s now affecting younger groups of people. What’s so serious about this disease is there are very little signs that you may have a fatty liver. More of the serious issues come in later stages at that point very few options are left.
Visceral fat
Through my experience having Optimal Health and a change in lifestyle is the only way to avoid being a victim of this disease. One of the ways of knowing if you may be a candidate of fatty liver is having excess belly fat which leads to visceral fat which is fatty buildup around organs. This would be considered stage one and over a prolonged period of time, the visceral fat can leave scarring on the liver which leads to further problems. . If you have any belly fat you have visceral fat it’s where the body stores this type of fat which is one way of knowing whether you have fatty buildup around your organs.
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