Top 10 foods to stay away from if you have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver


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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a term for a range of conditions and is caused by a buildup of fat within the liver. It is predominantly seen in people that are overweight or obese.
Early stage NAFLD is unlikely to cause serious harm, however action should be taken to reduce the symptoms if the condition is experienced. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the introduction of refinement of a healthy and balanced diet.
Top 10 foods to stay away from if you have NAFLD
1. Alcohol
Alcohol as a general rule is high in calories and isn’t something that you’re going to want to include a lot of in your diet if you’re looking to become healthier. Alcohol is unhealthy for the liver and should be consumed in smaller quantities or better yet not at all if you have NAFLD. When alcohol reaches the liver it produces a toxic enzyme called acetaldehyde which can damage liver cells. Try to limit drinks to a maximum of 2 units per week and stick to the spirits and zero calorie mixers if you’re in for a night of drinking.
2. Candy
Candy is one of the worst culprits when it comes to weight gain and unhealthy habits. The addictive nature of sugar is the worst and once you eat a sugary snack, there’s no going back as your body actually craves more and more. It’s always the case that we just can’t stop ourselves and we’re guessing it’s the same for you too.
3. Fruit juice (with added sugar)
Despite their healthy marketing techniques, fruit juice and especially those with high added sugars, are phenomenally high in empty calories. With more addictive sugar and naughty calories that you’ll want to shy away from – it’s best to not add them into your diet.
4. Deep fried foods
This one goes without saying. Deep fried foods just aren’t healthy and way you look at it. High in fat and calories; oily, heavy and greasy – Fried foods as a whole should be avoided if you’re wanting to cut the fat and reduce the chance of NAFLD.
5. Foods high in sodium
Foods that are high in sodium are particularly detrimental and lead to higher blood pressure, which we all know to be a huge indicator of poor health. Too much salt also makes your body hold onto too much water, increasing bloat as well as blood pressure.
6. White bread
White carbohydrate sources will usually means that the flour is highly processed and stripped of all nutrients. This means that it can raise your blood sugar more than the whole grain counterparts due to a lack of fiber. Best to stay away from the bread in that case.
7. White rice
As above, but the same applies to rice. Higher glycemic index isn’t a good thing and white pasta is in the same category. When you have NAFLD you are more prone to have type 2 diabetes. These foods are not recommended.
8. White pasta
The same goes for pasta too. Pasta is also notoriously difficult to portion correctly, unless you’re weighing your pasta in the raw form. Probably the worst of the 3 whites (white bread, white pasta and white rice).
9. Red meat
Red meats such as deli meats and beef are high in saturated fat, not ideal when you’re trying to limit fat and create a healthier version of yourself. Avoid these and try to stick to the white meat if you’re including it in your diet.
10. Junk food
Junk food is the all encompassing big one. The one thing I see more than ever is people buying food at their local gas station. You know that hot tube mystery meat looking thing that resembles a rotisserie and spins around and around for days? They will throw it on a bun and call it food. Bon a’ petite! Avoiding fast food, takeaways, crisps and snacks is imperative to a healthier you. Getting your nutrition from whole foods and high quality fruits and vegetables is not only quite easy but a huge part in your health journey. Your overall health benefits your mind, body and important organs like your liver and promotes an overall healthier version of YOU.
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